We help secure targeted speaking engagements for your executives at the right events. This includes crafting appropriate pitch abstracts and advising on presentation content, in addition to all pitching and liaison with conference organizers.


Before you speak, you need to find out where you're going to do it. We find the events that are most relevant to your brief and pull them together in a concise and informative event database to act as a target list for a speaking program or other event activity. Importantly, in addition to telling you which events you should speak at - we’ll tell you which ones not to.


Been invited to speak but not sure if the event is good or not? It can be difficult to know if an event is as good as its marketing claims it is. We can help by doing a full evaluation of any event and providing a recommendation and rationale based on your objectives.


Find out where your key competitors are speaking and what they’re saying. A great way to competitively position yourself and benchmark your own speaking activity.


We can help design a stunning presentation for your next speaking engagement. Our professional in-house design team has designed and formatted presentations for some of the best brands around.