For all the ways in which we can communicate in today’s connected world, there’s still no substitute for meeting the people you want to and getting your message out in a live environment. Whether you want to network, create sales leads, raise your brand’s profile or even your own profile, we can help.

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We specialize in taking client companies direct to their target audiences through conference speaking. We’re made up of a team of specialists who only deal with conferences, which has allowed us to build unmatched relationships with the top conference organizers around the world.  

With over 15 years’ experience in creating and managing targeted conference speaking programs for companies big and small alike, we can help put you where you need to be. We’re a dedicated team that has worked with companies across virtually every sector, from country-level campaigns to running global programs. 

We also offer a variety of strategic value-added services such as event evaluation, competitor analysis and presentation design to leverage opportunities and make the most out of every speaking engagement.  

Our team has career experience creating and managing programs for some of the best brands around.

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